On comfort zone



Müəllif: Gündüz Əhmədli

Gertrude Stein once said: “Rose is a rose…”. Life is very simple as this saying implies. We, as human beings, seem to complicate it artificially. For instance, even if we do not need to speak a lot, we do so. However, the paradox lies in the fact, these people are the same ones who quite logically desire comfort and tranquility in their life. To try something new for the sake of your own development falls through once you ‘taste’ the comfort of staying inside of your comfort zone. ​I imagine our comfort zone in the shape of circle. As far as we stay inside of this circle, we feel safe. But to feel something and to be something is different. Unless there is no any visible external threat to us, our current situation satisfies us. In this case, we just react others: “reactive life”. What’s more, our brain can easily make an illusion of being out of our comfort zone even if the reality is quite opposite. I think it occurs because we do not sometimes pay attention to this simple reality: we can also change our position inside of our comfort circle. In other words, we can still have some success which is not impactful, though. These small accomplishments can extend our vision inside of the comfort zone. We can even reach the very boundary of it. Whereas as far as we are inside of it, that is the only sheer fact. The perception of changing your position to the better inside of this circle, I would say, can be very harmful. We can stop our development or slow it down by getting this false signal. ​Never forget: unless something very profound happens in your life, you are still inside of your comfort zone. And believe me, when you manage to go out of this circle, it will be first you who will feel it. Till your bones. But be careful: There is a slight difference between going out of your comfort zone and simply widening your current comfort zone. Don’t fall to this trap. And in the end, one day, if you decide to do the best for you, eliminate this circle completely from your mind. Because it is not natural. Because you have created it yourself. Because it restricts you. And because, you are the best creature of God in the world.

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